Deep Tissue Massage

Experience the power of touch that soothes the mind, heals the body and transforms the soul. Our highly trained team of Physician directed Therapists will provide neuromuscular massage that will enhance your circulation, oxygenate and detoxify the body, drain the lymphatic's and help to reduce the chronic stress that leads to a lowered immune system and disease.

Swedish Massage

$120/ 60 Minutes
$65/ 30 Minutes

The classic European Technique relaxes the body and stimulates circulation to relieve muscle tension and soreness

Roballini Massage

$130/ 60 Minutes

This intermediate massage incorporates Swedish massage with mio facial release, Trigger point Therapy and Isolkinetics. A wonderful massage to relieve stress and bring balance back to the body.

Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Massage

$130-$145/ 60 Minutes
$180-$195/ 90 Minutes

This treatment will incorporate all of the elements of the Swedish massage but with increasing intensity. This massage is particularly effective for relieving sports injuries, and chronic stress.

Hot Lava Stone Massage

$150/ 60 minutes

A therapeutic total body massages to relieve stress and tension with smooth polished Lava Stones emitting heat flowing deeply and radiating through the entire body. This comforting treatment facilitates the flow of relaxation to the mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy Massage

$135/ 60 Minutes
$195/ 90 Minutes

A therapeutic nurturing total body massage using essential aromatherapy oils extracted from plants and flowers. These oils improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote healing (series of 6 save $40)

Foot Glow and Shiatsu Scalp Massage

$80/ 30 Minutes

This wonderfully relaxing reflexology treatment begins with the massage and exfoliation of the feet using Peppermint herbal oils containing jojoba beads. After hot towels and heated booties are applied, you will experience a shiatsu scalp and neck massage.

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